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The professional learning platform

A flexible and advanced spaced repetition platform. A spaced repetition software helps you learn by spacing out the repetitions of the things you want to learn.
SoYouLearn combines a Wikipedia-like approach as the central database which you can use instead of entering the things you want to learn by yourself.
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Unique Features

Adaptive Algorithm

The spacings adapts over time depending on your cognitive abilities and your past answers.

Wikipedia-like database

At the heart of SoYouLearn is a central database with over 1.8 Million flash cards. You can contribute to this database and choose exactly the things you want to learn.

Example sentences

Language learning is a focus for SoYouLearn . Each word you want to learn can be connected to many example sentences. You learn how to use the word with an example, just like you would in a class setting.(Coming soon)

Review by priority

Learn more efficiently by reviewing the items that are most urgently due for review.(Coming soon)

Neat Mnemonics

Mnemonics help you to recall a word or association. You can build your own ones or community created ones.

For any language

You can learn in any language (such as your mother tongue), you do not have to use English.

Mobile support

Full support for iOS, Windows and Android phones as well as tablets.

Learn individually

Learn exactly the flash cards you want. You don't have to find a course containing the flash cards to learn them!

Care for a short tutorial video of what SoYouLearn can do?